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5 Tips for Smoked Brisket

  1. Quality of the meat matters and so does the source – This brisket is from Pritzlaff Meats. Pritzlaff delivers the finest restaurant quality wholesale meats to Southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago. Meats are expertly cut by Master Butchers who have, on average, over 15 years of experience and have completed an extensive apprenticeship program. The meats are selected ensure the best quality, texture, marbling, and color. Beef is aged to perfection in on-site, state-of-the-art coolers which are monitored to maintain the right balance of humidity, air circulation, and temperature to lock in optimum flavor and tenderness. All steaks, chops, and roasts are hand-cut to each order—unlike some large processing operations that fulfill orders from existing inventory.

  2. Keep seasoning simple – forget about the secret rubs of yesteryear. Simple salt, pepper and some paprika is always a great go-to for delicious taste.

  3. Keep it moist - The beauty of an Electrolux Professional combi oven is in its ability to control not only temperature and time, but also humidity, which plays a large role in the cooking process. With the ability to fine tune humidity on a combi, you can perfect your roasts by balancing the ability to cook quickly with a moist heat.

  4. Give it a rest – allow the juices to be reabsorbed into the meat. For longer hot holding without drying, hold it in a Moffat Holding Cabinet.

  5. Slice it right -

  • Hold the blade of a slicing knife parallel to the cutting board, cut the deckle off the flat.

  • Scrape the excess fat on the bottom of the deckle and the top of the flat.

  • Trim any dry or burnt edges off the sides of the deckle and flat.

  • Place the deckle on the trimmed flat, rotating it about 60 degrees so the meat fibers in both cuts run in the same direction.

  • Slice the deckle and flat crosswise across the grain.

Try a Univex slicer for the best safety, performance, sanitation and value.

The added bonus of vacuum sealing and sous vide retherm: Extend the life of the smoked brisket product and provide the best taste

Less food waste, less spoilage

Prevents dehydration and freezer burn Sous-vide retherm technique ensures that heat is transferred efficiently throughout the product. This consistently delivers the most tender, evenly-cooked meat products, that are full of the flavor and moisture of the retained cooking juices. Winco Sous Vide Products


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