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Introducing the Moffat EHT10

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Moffat is pleased to introduce the EHT10 product management system.

The EHT10 is a compact heated & humidified cabinet designed for extended holding of product and can be used stand-alone or paired with the E33T5 oven to create a cook and extended hold solution.

Below are some key advantages of the EHT10 over traditional holding options:

• Provides precise humidity control that can increase hold times by up to 4X +

• Extend life of key menu items, including hard to hold items such as scrambled eggs, omelets, meatless/plant based patties, etc.

• Hold an entire daypart in single cabinet

• Reduce food wastage

• Improve held food quality and customer satisfaction

• Increase speed of service and reduce ticket times

• Reassign, reduce or eliminate labor during peak periods

This can be a great solution to common operational pain points (i.e. labor allocation, maintaining food quality, reducing wastage, speed of service, etc.) experienced by a variety of customers, especially multi-unit operators.

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