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Reverse Engineered Fried Chicken

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

If you take a deeper look at any fried chicken concept one can easily see how risky these little fried chicken factories can be. Most fried chicken concepts you see in grocery or c-stores run a very low profit margin. How can we help turn this from a loss leader into a profit maker?

Ever tried frying chicken in reverse?

Check this out....

First clean the chicken and remove excess fat. Soak chicken in cold salted water for 30 minutes if the chicken isn’t pre-marinated. Bread your chicken as you normally would. Spray the Sheet pans with a vegetable release. Sheet tray all of the chicken into separate parts ie: wings and breasts and thigh and legs. Cook in a combi-oven with 100% humidity at 212°F until it is fully cooked breasts and legs cook to 165°F and the dark meat cook to 175°F. Here is the secret to success….hold all of the chicken at 145°F 80% humidity until you are ready to fry in your deep fat fryer for service. If you would like a heavy crust you can give the chicken a dip in the seasoned breading before frying.

The conventional method of frying chicken is fairly basic. Bread the chicken and cook it in a deep fat fryer fully from raw to finish and then serve as fast as possible. The core problem of this method is that breaded fried chicken is almost impossible to hold for service. Typically, if done for any length of time the product is dry and, or soggy.

Here are the benefits to a reverse engineered fried chicken:

1. By frying the already hot and fully cooked chicken your fry time is 3 min. (typically this takes 12-15 min from raw saving you roughly 10 min).

2. By frying an already hot product your oil temp never drops more than 50 degrees. (A full load of cold raw chicken will drop oil temp by 100-150 degrees forcing the product to take on more oil.)

3. A shorter frying time means less damage to your oil. (an average fryer can use up to $100 of oil per week or $5200 per year) Imagine cutting that cost in half.

4. Perfectly cooking the chicken in the combi-oven before frying ensures higher moisture content. (More time spent in the fryer equals dryer tougher chicken)

5. Ensure fully cooked large breast and thigh pieces. Plus, HACCP documentation on all product. (no fryer has HACCP capabilities)

6. Frying in smaller batches means a moist and crispy product for a higher customer satisfaction.

These advantages lead to a larger profit margin when combining speed, quality, consistency and food safety.

Cook with the technology of #electrolux ovens and blast chillers and #winco fryers for superior results.

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