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We are a Hoshizaki Distributor

In 1983, Refrigeration Equipment Distribution Company was founded as a wholesale distribution company for Hoshizaki ice machines. We've loved working and growing with Hoshizaki ever since.

We currently have two warehouses, one in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota, that ships and receives all of our distribution lines, including Hoshizaki. Each warehouse receives a full truckload of Hoshizaki equipment every two weeks. We keep parts on hand as well.

Bob works distribution in the Wisconsin warehouse and Jerome works distribution in our Minnesota warehouse. They keep us operating daily and we are appreciative of their hard work and commitment to our customers.

Hoshizaki ice makers are designed to make a higher-quality cube more quickly and offer a longer-lasting piece of equipment that requires less maintenance, so the benefits of Hoshizaki ice don't begin or end once the cubes have been served.

Contact us to learn more about why Hoshizaki is an industry leader in ice machines and refrigeration.


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